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Case Studies

Home Sweet Home - Away From Home


"I want to extend a big thank you to you for diligently managing this group move for us. These employees had never left their home town, let alone moved to another country, yet we needed their assignment to be seamless in order to execute on this project. They were terribly anxious and you can feel very proud that your support made a huge difference to their experience in the UK"

When a client needed to relocate eight highly trained technicians from China to the UK we knew they’d need a unique solution. The technicians were needed to conduct critical cross-training on equipment used for breakthrough advances in research and development. Only one of them spoke limited English, most had never even left their home towns, and they were extremely anxious at the thought of living anywhere but in their native country.
Our client was implementing a long-term plan to transition the manufacturing of one of their product lines, but in light of their employees’ hesitance, they also wanted to facilitate a smooth transition and to make their living arrangements as comfortable as possible. To accomplish all of this, Cartus Client Services Manager, Hannah, arranged for some unique services to make the process less intimidating:

  • They were transported as a group from the airport to their temporary home
  • Counseling was arranged in their native Mandarin language
  • Payroll and allowances guidance was provided
  • An overview of day-to-day living skills was presented, from the location of local shopping facilities to how to access and use ATM machines

The client also wanted to provide the eight international assignees with the comfort of living together in the same space, something that’s not always easy to accomplish. However, with persistence, Hannah was able to find a serviced accommodation that was close to their place of work. Each was provided with their own bedroom, but all shared a common living space that facilitated a sense of support and community. As a result, they were much happier, more comfortable and far more productive, too. The living arrangement was also beneficial to our client since rent and utilities were administered by Cartus and paid to the provider for one living space as opposed to several. Training was successful and the client noted that the company was well on its way to meeting its long-term goals of transitioning the manufacturing of its product line.