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Case Studies

Cartus Consultant Becomes the Cat's Meow


"I had the pleasure of meeting Kurstin when she came to observe the movers and make sure everything was going well for us. She was an absolute delight to 'hang with'. She was so helpful - even risking getting cat hair on her business outfit so we could secure our 2 cats while the movers were here. I was a bit stressed and overwhelmed with it all but Kurstin helped keep my nerves down."

When moving to a new home, the last thing relocating employees need to worry about is the fear of their pets getting loose and either under the feet of movers or, perhaps worse, running out of an open front door. Needless to say, when one of our transferee's two cats disappeared just before the movers were due to arrive for his relocation to a new home in New Hampshire, he and his wife were a bit more than concerned about where the missing feline was.

As part of a client-specific program that provided a personal touch to each of their employee’s moves, Cartus had already placed a consultant, Kurstin, at the employee’s home for the express purpose of overseeing the movers. This wasn’t a part of Kurstin’s usual job description as an Intercultural Account Manager but, she was the closest Cartus employee to the new home and she was happy to help, and as a cat lover herself her skills really came into play!

When Kurstin arrived, she didn’t waste a moment finding the frightened feline, who had been hiding behind some boxes. To the employee’s delight and surprise, Kurstin not only picked her up, she also proved a whiz at comforting the cat—and the relocating couple—while she directed and supervised the movers.

The employee wasn’t just surprised by Kurstin’s willingness to get cat hair on her business suit, he and his wife were also taken aback by her winning combination of friendliness and professionalism. The move went off without a hitch, their cat felt safe and secure, and the couple settled into their new home, saying it was like having a friend there to make it all happen.