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Case Studies

Connecting Clients to Leverage India Expertise


When one of our clients needed more information on a new destination in which another client had a long track record, account directors Patty and LuAnn stepped in. They knew that the second client’s extensive experience and insights would be of immense help to the client who was beginning to evaluate their future plans to manage moves within the new destination: India. Patty and LuAnn quickly moved beyond offering benchmarking of best-practice information and introduced the two client contacts, facilitating a direct knowledge-gathering experience for our client in need of fast, accurate information.

Being in the relocation business also places Cartus in the relationship management business. And when we can manage our client relationships to the benefit of everyone – sharing best practices, benchmarking, and insights – it creates the opportunity for an even deeper, more consultative relationship that benefits everyone.

India numbers among the top countries for Cartus, with nearly 8,000 moves into, out of, and within the country being managed in an average year. We are keenly aware of the steep learning curve, as India’s business practices are distinct and constantly changing. Compliance was crucial to both our clients. Additionally, there are challenges in payment methods, work styles, labor laws and culture. First-hand knowledge of Cartus staff on site in the country allowed us to provide an inclusive view of what managing India moves would mean from a variety of perspectives.

Patty and LuAnn’s introduction of these two clients created a new relationship that supported advancements and growth both for our client and, in fact, our entire client base. The client with an immediate need was able to learn from a direct sharing of first-hand experience while our entire client portfolio would profit from the unique insights and benchmarking data gained from the exercise.