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Case Studies

Relocating Got Your Goat? 



Cartus client services manager, Daedra, was up against quite a challenge when she found herself responsible for a family’s relocation to the Houston area. In addition to meeting the long-term needs of her transferring employee, his wife and their children, she also needed to find temporary housing that could accommodate their goat.

As a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA), the employee’s teenaged daughter was responsible for the care of an adorable pet goat as part of her program. This, of course, presented some unique challenges for our client services manager: The family needed a temporary place to stay while they looked for a permanent home, but most short-term rentals are corporate apartments. They’d also need to present proof of residence within their chosen school district, if their daughter was to be granted admission.

Whatever temporary housing they chose, it would need to have a yard big enough to support a frisky goat – and have a landlord that wouldn’t mind it being there. 

Through a great deal of collaboration and determination, along with a skill set that only comes with years of experience as a Cartus employee, Daedra was able to secure a single-family home with a yard – within the allotted temporary housing budget. In addition to controlling costs for our client, the assignee’s daughter was registered for school on time, a manageable, short-distance commute was obtained for the employee, and their goat had enough room to roam in his new home.