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Case Studies

Innovative Intern Program Delivers Savings for HR


Working with a fast moving, innovative retail company means things are never dull for Cartus Account Director James. The company was always looking for better, more efficient, more productive approaches to meet their relocation goals. With talent acquisition a key strategic initiative, one of the areas they were focused on was their intern program. Initially handled internally, they had transferred the process to Cartus and one of our key temporary housing providers. As the intern population nearly doubled over a 2-3 year period, the cost of interim housing rose, so James began exploring additional options for their program in one primary city in the Northeast.

His solution? He knew that local universities were often looking for opportunities to fill up their empty dorm rooms when college was not in session, and he found a good fit with a local university. James’ client adjusted the dates of the intern programs to meet the dates of dorm availability, and suddenly, the cost of intern housing went from $6,000 per month to $1200 per month, saving the client approximately $300,000 annually.

James wasn’t done, though. He worked with the client and the university to expand support with onsite parking, processing the costs through Cartus so that the client did not have to track all of the expenditures and summaries, relieving their HR staff of a significant amount of administrative work. He then worked with the universities to develop flyers on the housing benefits—another job the client didn’t have to do! The end result—70% cost savings, and a 30% boost in productivity. This new outsourced solution was so successful that the client expanded it to locations in the NYC area as well as a location in California.