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A Group Move Runs Up Against Political Upheaval

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A group move of 100 families from Venezuela to Brazil wasn’t going to be a simple job under any circumstances, as both countries can present bureaucratic and regulatory challenges. But another element threatened to further complicate the situation—the move was taking place amid an ongoing deterioration of the political situation in Venezuela. No one really knew exactly what the changing situation would bring. What they did know was that the move presented a real run against the clock—tight coordination was going to be needed to ensure the move was completed while the consular relations between both countries were still properly established.

It quickly became apparent that several areas critical to the move were definitely being impacted: the documentation and timelines for visas and passports required for expats to leave Venezuela and travel to Brazil.

At first, the Venezuelan authorities were following standard deadlines for the issuance and processing of these documents. Within a few months from the group move kick off, the deadlines were no longer respected: issuance of passports was delayed and legalization of documents required for visa purposes could take up to three months.

To further complicate the situation, as the move timeline progressed, mail services in Venezuela were suspended. Being a labor contract, one of the mandatory requirements for a work visa to Brazil was having the employee sign in the home location and then send via mail to the host location. Without active mail services in Venezuela, this simple task became a nightmare.

Against this backdrop, the involvement of the Cartus Brazil team was essential. Creative thinking and a strategic mindset were mandatory to work around the increasing and continuous challenges presented by Venezuela’s political and economic situation.