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Case Studies

Reinventing a Relocation Program to Save Costs


Finding ways to reduce relocation costs can make or break a company’s program. When a Cartus client of 18 years found itself facing tremendous pressure to drive down costs, Cartus demonstrated what being the most trusted guide in the industry can accomplish.

The Cartus team began by doing some detective work. Working in close partnership with the client, they launched a special “cost visibility” project designed to create an end-to-end picture of the client’s relocation program. This meant the team talking in depth with each and every service line involved with their mobility program in order to create a top-to-bottom, comprehensive understanding of their costs—from suppliers to specialists, compensation to cross-cultural, temporary housing to tax considerations.

With the data assembled, the Cartus team put their thinking caps on, devising some creative strategies designed to save money while also increasing efficiencies and keeping the program competitive.

  • They benchmarked the client’s program against industry norms, and streamlined their household goods program through the use of Cartus’ unique eProcurement bidding system—instantly reducing that program’s operating costs by 20 percent while increasing service quality.
  • Through careful research with on-the-ground destination service providers, the team was also able to benchmark their housing costs and modify the program to the tune of an additional 20 percent in program savings.
  • Lastly, they introduced tiers for cross-cultural training, further reducing cost for the client.

Throughout, the client was extremely receptive to each recommendation, and proved instrumental in the implementation of all refinements and changes. The result? Cartus managed to save our client a whopping USD $9 million annually!