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Case Studies

From Russia, with Love



When a Russian assignee accepted a job in Switzerland, there was no doubt in her mind that her beloved companion would be relocating with her. While this may sound like a simple enough expectation, it wasn't going to be easy to arrange. Because her significant pet was a slightly plump bulldog with some breathing issues, there were risks associated with transporting him by plane – risks that the assignee was simply not willing to take.

Enter Sarah, the Cartus consultant assigned to the transferee's relocation. Working closely with our client and the assignee, she secured approval for the bulldog's big move, and began to research alternate ways to get him to his new home that would fit within the allocated budget. After an exhaustive search that included translating websites with copy written in foreign languages, she found a pet moving company based in Russia that would not only transport the assignee's prized companion, cross country in a comfortable camper van, but would also communicate with the assignee daily – supplying photos and emails to document his trip.

After a drive that lasted several days, the travelling bulldog arrived in Switzerland, happy to be reunited with his human. Throughout the trip, he was safe and comfortable, allowing the assignee to start her new job with confidence and to, eventually, come home to where her best friend would be waiting – every day after work.

By applying resourcefulness and perseverance, our consultant not only created a positive assignee experience, she also provided a flexible solution that met our client's budget requirements.