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Case Studies

The Sun Never Sets on a Global Implementation


When Cartus project manager Mari began working with a major technology company on their multi-regional, fast-paced program implementation, she knew that an aggressive timeline wasn’t the only mandate that needed to be met for the project’s success. The client had contacts in Ireland, Singapore, London, and California, and a smooth, around-the-clock plan was called for to deliver results.

It was critical to the client that we collaborate with their human resources, finance, IT, and global relocation experts in three regions, and get consensus and buy-in across all groups. With more than ten years of experience in implementing global programs of all types and sizes, Mari knew that tight coordination, management, and ongoing, seamless communication would be vital, so she and her global implementation team dove in.

“Following the Sun” and working effectively across regions involved a comprehensive 24/7 plan developed by Cartus’ global implementation group that had a variety of elements to deliver success:

  • A week-long solution design workshop allowed all stakeholders to contribute to expectations, and ensured a clear definition of service delivery, workflow, corporate culture, and communication requirements to mirror the client’s tone and feel. 
  • Cartus project managers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore provided near 24-hour support to client contacts across the regions, including two daily status update “handover” calls to address time zone challenges and reinforce key deliverables. Not only did this process keep the ball rolling, but it ensured understanding of the client’s mobility needs, regional and country nuances, corporate culture, and work styles, globally. In addition, this approach mitigated any risk for regional disparities as, at any point in time, the client contacts could reach out to a project manager and be assured of a communication continuum with Cartus.
  • "Meet and greets," conducted by the lead Cartus project manager for the client resources in each region, ensured that roles and expectations were clear across the multiple work streams involved.

Excellent collaboration, planning, and communication on this complex implementation not only met the aggressive timeline of the client, but also ensured that all regions had input and signoff on the plan. As a result, exemplary and seamless service was delivered to relocating employees.