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Warm Hearts at Cold Lake


Stellar customer service is more than just checking off a list of to-do items. For two families from Kazakhstan, Cartus showed what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty, knitting a support chain that included a dedicated team of Cartus consultants and on-the-ground members of Cartus’ global supplier network.  

After a 5,000-mile trip, the families arrived in Canada with two children and a baby in tow, ready to take a three-hour bus trip to the remote town of Cold Lake, Alberta, to advise on a special project for a global oil company. Rental cars and housing were part of the plan, but an attentive service team showed how a little extra care can make a big difference at a stressful time.

Making sure to meet the families right off the plane, Cartus Operations Manager, Tiffany, and her team made arrangements with local destination agents—members of Cartus’ global supply chain network—to swiftly guide them through customs. Yet knowing that a Canadian winter was fast approaching, they took things a step further: the families were taken shopping at the client’s direction for warm, local winter clothes to make their stay in Cold Lake more comfortable. Tiffany’s team saw to it that the families had a seamless entry and settling-in to a country they knew little about.

The hands-on attention to detail didn’t end there. From securing properly winterized rental cars to negotiating lease terms, the team, including Cartus’ global network destination provider, guided the new arrivals through cultural training, home finding, and area orientation. They also took calls at any time of the day or night to make them feel comfortable and secure.

This proved especially helpful when one of the children needed to be rushed to the hospital, a harrowing situation in itself, but made more frightening by being in a foreign country with little knowledge of the language and customs. Showing why so many clients put their trust in Cartus, Tiffany’s team stepped in to help them, quickly receiving client approval to send funds to make sure that the family could get the immediate emergency care they needed. The result? A grateful family and happy child!

Tiffany’s team also worked with the destination agents to navigate and quickly resolve unique issues. Given that the families were in Canada on training visas, their children were not eligible to attend the local public schools. The team presented creative and flexible options for local private schools and daycare programs, escorting them to view the facilities to make an informed decision. They were also able to negotiate fully furnished single-family homes with six-month leases, as any lease term could not surpass the end date of the visas.

Even given the additional pressures of tight timeframes for job deliverables and last minute travel needs, Tiffany was glad to report that the families were extremely pleased with all the care they received, and she was happy that she and her team were able to make the families’ experience in Cold Lake a very warm one indeed!