ERC WEBINAR REPLAY: Geopolitical Upheaval and Duty of Care: What Mobility Managers Need to Know

Duty of Care is inherent to the relocation process: as corporations move employees & their families to an ever-expanding list of locations, risks to employee safety and well-being increase and can stem from multiple areas:  immigration, legal,  health, and politics, to name a few. Knowing how to address these concerns, while being mindful of both business needs and urgency, is mandatory for mobility managers.

In this webinar, Cartus’ Caio Leal and Tracey Rennie partner with Procter & Gamble’s Alvaro Borquez, and invite you to take one step further… discussing how external unexpected events can considerably change the standard course of the relocation process. Sharing their experience with a group move against a volatile political background in Latin America, they will examine how Duty of Care can be severely impacted by geopolitical instability and discuss the importance of an organization's preparedness to safeguard business operations and employees.