ERC WEBINAR REPLAY: Talent Management: What's Changed for Relocation Managers - The Five-Year Trends

Now more than ever, it is critical for multinational companies to stay informed of the ever-changing mobility landscape, and how mobility interacts with organizational talent strategies is an area continually growing in importance. This seminar will look at the five-year trends in company’s assignment preparation, repatriation, and overall ROI, based on Cartus surveys and company examples. Jan Raymond will be joined by a panel of mobility experts to discuss the results, as well as share real-world scenarios as they apply to the understanding of the challenges and related best practices.

This session will:

  • Provide five-year trends in Talent Management, as well as key findings from the 2017 survey
  • Discuss what’s driving change for companies as they look to increase the links between mobility and talent
  • Explore the most significant challenges mobility practitioners are facing in these efforts both globally and domestically
  • Share creative approaches organizations are using to address current challenges